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The Casahabana network is a group of licensed cuentapropistas who are in the business of hospitality. We offer our guests confortable, clean and beautiful facilities, as well as a welcoming environment and warm professional attention. We want our guest to feel at home. We like to share information about our culture, our culinary, our music and cultural activities, our beautiful physical and cultural geographies. Most importantly, we want you to feel welcome in our homes, and have memorable time in our city and country.
Casahabana, in particularly, has ample experience in the fields of education performing arts, and culture, more generally, which allows us to assist you in creating various programmatic approaches to Cuba and Cubans socio-cultural reality and various forms of cultural expressions.

We have been in the business of hospitality since 1995, and know our country very well. Thus, if you want to explore Cuba, look no further! For a fee, commensurable to your request, we will work with you to organize an unforgettable trip — whether day-trips or longer — we can make your travel through the island seamless, safe, and enjoyable!  



In the first floor of Casahabana there are three bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom, TV, refrigerator, hot and cold water, fan, Split, hair dryer, safe deposit box, and other amenities. Each of the bedrooms has a double bed (a personal bed can be accommodated on bedrooms 1 and 2 for an additional fee).

The first floor also has a balcony off the common living room area, where you can rest and enjoy the view of the park while having the beverage of your choice.

Room prices range from 35 to 50 CUC per night, according to the number of guests, season, the length of stay, and number of beds requested. 


The second floor of Casahabana is its own private apartment. The apartment has an integrated living-dinning room and kitchen area, a hallway, 2 bedrooms, each with their private bathroom, hot and cold water, led TV, mini bar, safe deposit box, a fan for the living-dining room and kitchen facilitates, and Splits in the bedrooms, plus a private terrace overlooking the park.

The price for full apartment is 80.00 CUC to 100 CUC, depending on the number of guests, length of stay and season. 


The third floor of Casahabana is a terrace with excellent views of the city and the sea. There is a covered area and an opened area both with tables and chairs. There is a bar, as well as a restroom. It is a perfect spot to enjoy the sunset while sipping on a mojito a daiquiri or a cold Crystal or Bucanero beer. Also an ideal place to gather with family and friends for a private and delicious home cooked dinner under the stars.



1. Laundry and ironing services (we don’t allow ironing inside of the rooms)
2. Coordination of Spanish language lessons, dance lessons, music and Cuban cuisine.
3. Childcare services
4. Bicycles rental, guided bike tour, diving and fishing activities
5. Board games, like domino, chess, beaker, and cards
6. Beauty salon services: hair stylist, manicure, pedicure and massages.